Central Channel (a part of Quantum Body Work)

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Central Channeling

When pelvis and occiput misalign...

The Atlas adapts...

The TMJ compensates...

And the spine reacts!!!

What is the Central Channel?

The Governing Vessel (GV), in the back, along with its counterpart, the Conception Vessel (CV) in front, are the first two operating meridians which begin to flow at the time of conception. They also represent the original information network of the first cells evolution. The GV/CV are the Master Meridians (Energy Channels) that regulate all other Meridians.

The Channel in the Spine, Governing Vessel (GV), is the big Communicator and Conductor of the universal intelligence. All the important life information will lead to the meridians, from there over the Fasciae all parts of the physical body like the Nervous-, Muscle-, Circulation- Breathing-, Digestion-, Bone- and Glandular-systems.

If this Channel is blocked and can’t correctly work there could be a loss of important life information to the periphery Systems. The information transfer could break down and in the end the body’s balance will be on a negative influence. To bring back the energy movement in this channel will be more helpful and make the higher Energetic Shiatsu Treatment or Skeleton (Structure) work more successfully.

The Central Channel Treatment:

The fully clothed Client will be lying during the treatment on the stomach  on a body cushion.

The diagnosis will be to check the difference of the leg length and the radiation of the blocked energy. This information leads through a treatment of sequential steps and is important for a successful outcome

A selective light touch starts the process of unwinding the Dural-stress and the Subluxation in the Spine and opening of the Central Channel.

If the Central Channel is open the body then has an opening to new Information and new Energy Resources and can begin its Self Healing. Through this, it allows the body to be more in the Now and get back that Experience.

Initial treatment sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes long,

thereafter 50-60 minutes.