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Detoxing (Ampuku)

(Ampuku-Abdominal Massage)

Do you feel you have no enthusiasm for being creative, no energy or lack get up and go, in your daily life? Feel mentally tired and stressed? Are you carrying too  much baggage in your life?

These are some signs to start off thinking in new directions for changes.

Beginning with a fast for detoxing (cleansing out of all rubbish in your body, mind and spirit) and check up on  your nutrition!

Ampuku therapy, or abdominal massage, is a whole treatment of one hour. Parts of this technique can be combined in Shiatsu treatments.

In oriental medicine the abdomen or Hara is the most important part of the body because the lower Tantien (point below the navel) is the center of Ki (inner life force). All vital energies flow into the Hara, the major blood vessels including the Aorta and Vena Cava pass through it, and obviously, the Hara is the seat of many of the internal organs, like digestive, reproductive and sexual organs. The lower Tantien is the seat of three types of Ki: Heaven Energy, Earth Energy and Human Energy. Heaven and Earth Energy enter the body at the top of the head and at the bottom of the feet and then they both run into the abdomen and unite at the lower Tantien to form the Human Energy.

The Hara is the location where much of our deepest emotinal problems are found. The Small Intestine is the second brain in the body and this is also accepted by the school of medicine.

Detoxing treatment is a support for your detox- or diet fast (weight reduction). The client should prepare himself/herself for this kind of treatment starting their own fast programme a few days before the first treatment. The client should drink also a plenty of pure water and herbal teas.

A general treatment for detoxing comprise, direct working (through the clothes) for the skin and at the abdominal organs, sometimes with a  combination of healing sounds.

For the treatment the Client is laying fully clothed, on the massage bed.

The Effects of Ampuku or Abdominal Therapy

      Releases the congestion of Ki (vital life force) 

     • Relaxes and detoxifies the internal organs 

     • Harmonizes the stomach and intestinal functions 

     • Promotes digestion and elimination 

     • Smoothes the blood flow and adjusts the pulse 

     • Opens the joints 

     • Structural rebalancing 

     • Replacing the internal organs to their proper locations 

     • Makes the muscles flexible 

     • Moistens the skin 

     • Increases the mental powers 

     • Strengthens the memory and the body 

     • Balances the emotions

     Assists longevity

Initial treatment sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes long,

thereafter 50-60 minutes.