As fascia supports bones and muscle damaged, fascia will hinder efficient muscles usage as well as pull the skeletal system out of balance.

The energy flowing in the Meridians is also disturbed or goes out of balance.

The body then becomes locked in a ‘cause and effect’ cycle pain and tension harbouring and increasing tiredness and emotional issues.

My aim:

Is to soften the body allowing it to become more pliable, more shock absorbent and less tense and painful, all of which will help restore function. I aim also to help you understand your pain and tension cycle in order to work out what you may be doing to harbour these causes.

A Shiatsu treatment and Myofascial technique treatment  often flow together when necessary.

What to expect during your MFR treatment session:

Clients are treated fully clothed, some techniques need skin contacts, in chest and abdomen area.

Clients are treated on their side, lying face down, face up, seated and standing in order to work the body in a 3D manner.

As a therapist I will create a unique treatment approach in order to gain the best results for your body.

In early stages of treatment I recommend that clients book their sessions as close together as possible as this breaks the cause and effects of pain, tension and bracing cycle that obstructs the healing process.


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Myofacial Release (MFR)


Myofascial Release or MFR, is a remedial hands-on whole body  treatment  that is designed to alleviate strain, tension and pain in the body. MFR restores function, structure and balance to the entire body.

The human framework is not just made up of bones and muscles. There is an elastic and collagenous network called fascis, or connective tissue, that interweaves, supports and protects every living cell in the body including the muscles and bones.

The connection to the Meridians or Energy-Channels in Shiatsu happens over the fascis.

This networks becomes damaged by physical and emotional injury, inflammation and poor posture. When this happens the fascial network becomes thick and rigid making movements more difficult, tiring and painful.

(MFR) can help:

• Backache and pelvic pain

• Sciatica

• Tendonitis

• Headaches and neck tension

• Face and jaw pain

• Shin splints and plantar fascist

• Carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries

• Sports injuries

• Whiplash

• Trigger point myofascial pain

• Tennis and golfers elbow

• Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME

• Arthritis menstrual discomfort


• Injury and surgical scarring

• And many more

Initial treatment sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes, thereafter 50-60 minutes.

Intensive programmes and multi treatment sessions (e.g. a full MFR  and a Shiatsu / Detoxing / Central Channel treatment of each 60min or two full MFR treatments of total 120min) are available on request.