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Shiatsu Can Help

Treatable Aliments by Shiatsu


¬Muscular problems for example, stiff neck, whiplash, frozen shoulder, back problems, sprains and strains, sport injuries, other injuries.

¬Joint problems for example, arthritis, rheumatism.

¬Digestive problems for example, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, heartburn.

¬Reproductive problems for example, menstrual problems, infertility.

¬Respiratory problems for example, asthma, bronchitis, coughs and colds, hay fever.

¬Heart and circulatory problems for example, palpitations, high or low blood pressure, chronic coldness.

¬Skin problems for example, eczema, acne.

¬Auto – Immune problems for example, multiple sclerosis, lupus, allergies.

¬Energy related problems for example, M.E., chronic fatigue, tiredness, sleeping too much or too little.

¬Emotional problems for example, anxiety, depression, post – traumatic stress disorder, shock.

¬Stress – related disorders for example, headaches, insomnia, anxiety.

¬Injures for example, sports injures, injures from accidents, repetitive strain injury.

¬Back or structural problems for example, lower and upper back pain, neck pain, sciatica, sacrum pain.

¬Brain damage for example, stroke.

¬Serious and terminal illnesses for example; cancer, Shiatsu can be very beneficial with chemotherapy (i.e. tiredness, nausea, emotional problems).

Shiatsu and other Disciplines

Shiatsu usually works very well along side the diagnosis of your doctor, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, counsellor etc. If you have a serious condition I will always recommend that you consult your doctor or natural healer if you have not done so already.

Guidelines for Treatments;

Wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing, preferably cotton e.g. sweatshirt, tracksuit bottoms, trousers and cotton socks. Many clients prefer to bring clothes to change into, especially if they come during or after work.

Do not eat heavily in the two hours prior to treatment.

Do not drink alcohol before or immediately after the treatment.

If possible avoid strenuous or stressful activities after your treatment for One to Two hrs, relaxation will enhance the benefits of Shiatsu.


Initial treatment sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes long.

Treatments thereafter are 50-to-60 minutes.

Contact us by;

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