Dear Mr Sommer

I wanted to write to express my thanks for the wonderful Shiatsu and Quantum bodywork treatments I have received from you over the past few months.

After several serious horse-riding accidents, I have suffered with a bad back, a sore knee and stiffness in my neck and shoulder.

Your treatments have had an amazingly positive effect and now my back and knee pain has gone. The shoulder and neck are also improving.

I have been very pleased with the results at first I found it hard to believe something so gentle could be so effective. Other therapies I have tried in the past have often been quite painful, and only had limited effect. Your high level of skill inspires confidence and trust. Until your course of treatment I had begun to think that my back pain would be with me for the rest of my life.

I wish you all the very best, and hope your practise flourishes.

M.C. Ilkley


In October I presented myself to Hans-Joerg Sommer’s Shiatsu Practice in Ilkley. At the time I had a vague notion of what a Shiatsu Practitioner does.

In truth I still don’t know how it works-only that it has worked wonders for me!

WhatI did know at the start of my treatment was that I needed some form of support for myself, I was running on empty and felt completely exhausted both mentally and physically.

I am a single woman in her late fifties, a full time academic, and a grandmother having spent the last three years supporting both parents with terminal cancer. by the time I approached Joerg I was feeling ill every day. It seemed to me that my body was letting me down in so many ways and I felt I was heading towards a permanent state of illness.

I knew at an intuitive level that the body and mind are intrinsically linked. this belief drove me to seek out more holistic forms of treatment.  I have attended Joerg’s clinic almost weekly since October, and I am happy say that I now feel restored to my former self.

Looking back progress was slow at the beginning. Yet within a couple of months I was able to feel my stamina return and my symptoms radically diminish.

I continue to visit Joerg for a weekly treatment whenever my schedule allows.  Life throws up stressful situations and heavy workloads and so I still benefit from the restorative powers of Shiatsu.

In summary, I recommend Hans-Joerg Sommer’s Shiatsu practice to anyone and urge that they commit to seeing the benefits of Shiatsu treatments over a period of time.   Ten months ago, when I first approached Joerg, I would not have believed that I could feel as good as I do now.

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Treatment  Fees

&  Testimonials

Dr R. F., Northallerton, a client suffering with lower back pain, his phone call after he had one treatment with Joerg.

Hi Joerg,

Just to let you know feedback from the treatment you gave this Tuesday (guy from the Sat charity event) he left a message on the answer phone saying thank you very much for the treatment and he is feeling much better and will recommend you to his friends.

Just thought I should pass on this message to you.

See you soon,


Sranya Barkwill - PGDip Ac, MBAcC


Consultation and first treatment are inclusive in all disciplines.


Traditional hands-on holistic Japanese Body therapy (fully clothed.lying on a futon) Shiatsu Initial Treatment of           90mins            £ 45

Normal Treatment Fee     50-60mins     £ 45

Normal Treatment, for Students

                                               50-60mins      £ 30

Treatment for Children up to 14yrs.

                                                       30mins             £ 20

Detoxing (Ampuku)

Hands-on treatment, palpate the abdomen (Hara) and all the Internal organs. Will help to bring back your lost energy, and aid your body in recovering, as well as supporting you through your Detox or fast.

  (Fully clothed, lying on massage bed) Ampuku Initial Treatment of  90mins    £ 45

Ampuku Treatment           50-60mins      £ 45

Central Channel (Quantum Body Work)

Help to restore the flow of energy through the primary information system of the Body/Mind.  Selective hands-on treatment to the back in order to start the body's own natural impulses for your self-healing. (Fully clothed, lying on the body cushion, work on the back)

Central Channel Initial Treatment  

                                                    90mins     £ 45

Central Channel follow-up Treatment

                                                 50-60mins    £ 45

Myofacial Release MFR

Hands-on whole-body treatment (fully clothed lying on a futon or Massage table)

  MFR Initial Treatment            90mins     £ 45

MFR follow-up treatment   50-60mins    £ 45

MFR multi treatment            120mins       £ 70


Hands-on treatment               50mins         £ 35

(fully clothed, lying on massage bed)

Ear Candle

Ear Candle is a delicate and non-invasive method for resolving problems e.g. Tinnitus, Sinus problems, in a safe and clean way.

Ear Candle Treatment         30-40mins     £25

        Payment can be cash or cheque


          Home visits £8-00 (additional)

About Joerg

Joerg has trained with some of the most well known people in the Shiatsu World. Learning from each, new idea, way of treating and new techniques in getting the vital energies circulating.

He has acquired diplomas and has trained for eight Years, and worked for over 12 years in his field. 

He is a Member of the Governing Body of the Shiatsu Society in Switzerland, and in England.

Hoping to achieve the ultimate goal of promoting and helping people to help themselves  Joerg will help you maintain the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit, and to keep your Natural Bodies Healing Process working.

Having travelled in many countries and experienced different cultures and the many diverse  ideas, and religions, he himself has overcome the fear many people in our Society Suffer from.

That first step forward, it is always the hardest, and, belief in oneself.  

Having being diagnosed with cancer and then the breakdown of his first marriage, lead Joerg to want to change everything in his life and begin a fresh, but with an added vigour and positive outlook on the world. Discovering various Therapies eventually settling on Shiatsu, a completely different philosophy on life was achieved.



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